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Wallet with Carbon Fiber Attachments

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Wallet is the result of a 4 year obsession to create a truly great wallet. One that is easy to use and covers all your needs, whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist.

Quick Access  

A wallet is something we use so frequently, that it should be practical and easy to use. You should never have to fumble through your wallet just to get one card out. With The Clique Wallet, you don't have to worry about that. It's very intuitive to use and every card can be quickly accessed.

Quickly get the top card and load it back just as quick
Quick access to every card including the ones in the middle

Modular Attachments

The Multi Drawer and Multi Clip allow you to easily add the functionality that you need. No tools required, simply insert them like a card. Plus, they are made of 3k carbon fiber, which means they are strong and very durable.

Multi Drawer: Store a bill, keys, coins, or smaller items
Multi Drawer: built in phone stand
Multi Clip: Carry bills like a traditional money clip (up to 6 bills)
Multi Clip: Use it as a pocket clip to keep your pockets organized

Bottle Opener

On the back of The Clique Wallet you can also find a bottle opener.  Designed to work with either attachment in place, and if you're just holding cards, simply slide the top card down to allow for a secure fit on the bottle cap.

Opening bottle with drawer and 6 cards using Clique Pro

Minimal Design

The Clique Wallet Unibody is made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum (T6 6061)

When it comes to design our goal is always to strive for simplicity. That's why we chose to go with a unibody design. As you can imagine making aluminum flex with the right amount of tensions isn't an easy task but in order to be truly minimal, we thought it was absolutely necessary. Not only do you get a clean and sophisticated look but you also get a more durable design. For example, with a clique wallet you never have to worry about gears wearing out, straps losing elasticity, or screws falling out. Which means you don’t have to worry about the Clique Wallet breaking down.


Metallic Gray, Carbon Black, Cherry Red

The Clique Wallet will be anodized to achieve a strong surface finish. And it will be available in 3 colors Metallic Silver, Carbon Black, and Cherry Red.


Slim Model (6 Card Capacity), Pro Model (10 Card Capacity)


The Multi Drawer is only optional with The Clique Wallet Pro Model