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Electric Battery Heated Gloves

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Waterproof Fabric:

Note: When you receive the Electric Battery Operated Heating gloves, please fully charge it before use, because most of the product's batteries will run out after a long-distance transport.

This kind of heated gloves can not be washable with machine.Please do remember take out the battery, The gloves will heat up immediately. If you are using the ON/OFF version battery,switch ON (Press hard on the ON/OFF button) and it will be RED light

Heated Gloves for Chronically Cold Hand:

Rechargeable battery electric heated gloves.This series of electric gloves absorb sweat,breathability,quick drying elastic thickening, use ultra-thin electric heating module, soft wash. Temperature rise faster, greater heating area front instep,is the perfect choice for hand warmer products.

Perfect Heated Product for Chronically Cold Hand.